Energetic DNA - Family Imprints

I am the now of the then.  My body is the embodiment of all my ancestors who came before me.  They live on in me.  

Jaron Kintz


Everyone knows that we inherit the color of our eyes, the dimple in our smile and our athleticism from our parents' DNA and their parents' DNA and so on.  But what many do not realize is that we also inherit energetic DNA that affects our belief systems and behavior patterns. 


Ancestral energetic work encompasses working with an individual who wants to understand these traits and their effects on their lives at the deepest level.


Our family tree has a unique energetic field that is formed by our ancestors' history. This karmic energy influences our lives in positive and negative ways. The ancients referred to this as "paying with seven generations of toil."  Our family energy field is interwoven with moving and powerful events such as ecstatic joys, altruism, pivotal successes and trust as well as betrayals, early deaths, abortions, wars, suicides, exile and incest.


Discovering inherited energetic patterns, bringing them to light and aligning the subtle bodies to the new awareness has profound healing effects.

Love               Compassion                Forgiveness               Gratitude 

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