Jewels of Self-Mastery  

Do you ever wonder about Enlightenment?  Awakening?  God? Are you on a constant search for purpose or self discovery? Do you ever wonder what is the purpose of life?  What are the rules?  And who wins?


The Jewels of Self Mastery are classes designed to assist you on your way to full Self awareness and the unfurling of the greatest relationship to your Higher knowing.  The different classes will instill deep reflection and inspiration for any person desiring to step into the ring of transformational fire and step out towards Self Mastery. 


Energetic anatomy, numerology, energetic healing, tarot, auric reading, 7 rays, medical Qi gong, chakra reading, creating peace and fullfillment and more.


Class descriptions listed below calendar.


Class Descriptions


Ascended Masters, Guides and Angels - Our Heavenly Host

Who or what are our heavenly divine brothers and sisters? And what is their purpose in our lives?  Meet your divine helpers and guardian angels. Discover the master teachers and connect with their light, levity and committment to blessing humanity's awareness through love.


Awareness 1 - Immersed in the Game

Is it possible that most of who we project to the world is simply ideas that have become involuntary to us in creating what we think is original?  What forms our awareness, opinions, prejudices?  What keeps us tied to the game of Life, repeating patterns of unconsciousness and errors of self-incrimination?  This class is revealing - and frankly, the truth shall set you free!


Awareness 2 - Side-stepping the Game

Here is where we ask, "Who am I, and why am I here".  With heart and hand holding we walk into the ring of fire and allow the dross to fall off our Egos and present I AM THAT!   I AM THAT I AM, the very phrase that Christ commanded as he stepped into his essence as a son of God.


Awareness 3 - Creating your own Rules!

Manifestation, vision, joy and bliss.  This class is directed soley towards integrating God's will to our will.  You will be taught the model of energy that keeps creation creating and helps you read the blueprint for your purpose of being.


Auric Reading - Our Beautiful Raiment of Light

What is this amazing field of light that penetrates, encompasses, surrounds and animates our very being?  How does it manifest and can it be experienced by ourselves and others?  Come experience the sensation of this beautiful raiment of light.  Learn to begin to "read" the field, cleanse it and ground it.


Chakra Health - Keeping ourselves Healthy and Whole

What is a chakra?  What is it made of?  What are their purposes?  Where exactly are they located?  How are they related to our health; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?  What physical organs are maintained by what chakras and how can we influence these centers.  This course will bring light to an esoteric subject that should be a household word!


Chakra Reading  - Experiencing Ourselves through Vibration

Keeping our chakras happy is the key to longevity and joy.  This course directs the attention to balancing and strengthening our energy centers to bring stability to our psyche.


Energetic Anatomy - It's in there!

Energetic layers of awareness, that's what we are.  Swirling votices of energy that hold our past and our future, batteries of light that we can recharge with prana and thought, sheaths of light that hold our emotions, thoughts and dis-eases.  This class will shed light on a whole new you.


Energetic Healing 1 - Self-Healing

Self-healing.  What does that even mean?  Physically? Yes.  Emotionally? Yes.  Mentally? Yes.  Spiritually?  

Yes.  We will reflect on the causes of dis-ease, the judgements around healing, the possible need for dis-ease, and the need for self-compassion around this experience.  You will be shown how to begin self-healing with specific instructions for particular ailments and their emotional causes.


Energetic Healing 2 - Healing others: A primer

This class explores witnessing for another so that they can find it within themselves to begin to heal.  Directing of energy, working with chakras and reading of the aura will all be covered.


Esoteric Commandments - Yep, the Basic 10!

One of my favorite classes to teach and reflect on.  A metaphysical perspective on the Christian Ten Commandments and how we can apply them in our everyday lives.


Family Constellation -  Inherited Family Trauma

Family constellations are birthed in the energetic entanglement of family trauma, thought and behavior patterns. Though the problems or traumas may have had their genesis in another generation, unresolved issues can shadow current generations. This class introduces the concepts and relationships of inherited energetic patterning that affects every family.


Meditation - Ahhhhhhhh Relief

Meditation is such a charged work for so many.  There are MANY ways to quiet the mind.  Come and experience what works for you; find your peace, find your bliss!  This course will teach and explore different ways to quiet the mind through: breath work, sitting meditations, walking meditation,

yogic hand mudras,  basic qi gong,  mandalas and prayer.


Sacred Geometry : A Primer

Archetypes, icons, vibration, expansion, energy and the mystery of God expressed the shape.  This course is meant to dazzle the heart of curiosity and quiet the mind in the ancient expression of shape.  See how shapes affect your consciousness and awareness.


Tarot 1 - A Mystical Journey to the Heart of Self

Tarot is an ancient expression of wisdom expressed through symbols. The cards represent the Soul’s path from the lower ego to the final enlightened liberation of Being.  This is a beginner class.  A primer to entice your heart to begin to turn in and discover the eternal wisdom that we all have access to.  It is a path of contemplation, discovery and mystery.  This course is designed to bring awareness to the multidimensionality of Self and will teach you; intuition, spiritual guidance, meditation and divination.  


Tarot 2 - A Mystical Journey to Center

The Tarot card that is associated with your birthday and name forms your individual mandala of expression.  The constellation of cards are the pattern of your destiny…The purpose of this course is to begin to open you to the communication between your everyday conscious self and your subconscious self that is aware of your personal destiny.  In this class you will learn and experience Archetypes of Consciousness and awareness pertinent to your spiritual growth.  You will learn your Personality Card, Soul Card, Hidden Aspects and Year Card.  Together we will address the age old question of, "Why is this happening to me?" 


Tarot 3 - From Shadows to Brilliance

The dynamics of Self, inside out and outside in.  The exploration of Our Soul Card in regards to the Kabbalah and the Tree of Knowldege.  Invitation only....


Medical Qi Gong 18 Movements   -    Series 1

Originally developed for rehabilitative purposes at the Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital in Shanghai, these 18 movements are extremely beneficial for anyone at any age with any health condition.  The 18 movements energetically tone and balance every major organ and system in the body.  All classes are taught from a body energetic perspective and include self-healing at the close of class.


Medical Qi Gong 18 Movements   -    Series 2

Originally developed for rehabilitative purposes at the Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital in Shanghai, these second 18 movements are extremely beneficial for anyone at any age with any health condition. 

The second 18 movements energetically tone and balance every major organ and system in the body. 

All classes are taught from a body energetic perspective and include group healings at the close of class.


Numerology - Divine Numerical Expression

Ancient mystical relationship between numbers and their vibratory meaning will be examined in the class.  

Where do these numerical frequencies occur in our lives and what is their influence.  How can we observe and expand our awareness in studying them?

Love               Compassion                 Forgiveness               Gratitude

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