Family Constellations or Systemic Constellation

Family constellations are birthed in the energetic entanglement of family trauma, thought and behavior patterns. Though the problems or traumas may have had their genesis in another generation, unresolved issues can shadow current generations and are not always in the best interest of the persons expressing them. In Mark Wolynn's revolutionary work four familial energetic entanglement themes occur.


1.  A break in the bond with the mother.


2.  Rejection of a parent


3.  Merging with a parent


4.  Atonement for another


Constellation work involves articulating core issues and backtracking triggers to their human originator. Resolution can usually be brought about by uncoupling the unconscious alignment of the client with the ancestor.  


For me the work of uncoupling also involves energetic body table work. My work with a client is more than psychological but in fact physical and energetic with alighnment of the energetic sheaths of the human aura.

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