Intuitive Energetic Healing

I healed with the Power that came through me.  Black Elk



Everything is energy, a tree, a planet, a disease, an emotion, a prayer, a headache, a memory,  ALL have their own unique vibrational signature.  


My energetic healing sessions begin by sitting with a client and scanning or reading their aura.  Through this process I can track a malady, whether emotional or physical, to its inception in the disrupted energy field.


I believe that energy is light, vibration, consciousness, God.


When two waves of light are in phase and overlap each other, the combined amplitude of the waves are greater than each individual wave.


In my sessions I "sync" or merge my energy field with my client's creating a "space" or "opening" of possibility and potential for healing to occur.


Love               Compassion                Forgiveness               Gratitude

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