InLight Medical LED Therapy          

inLight Therapy is a holistic support approach utilizing pads embedded with polychromatic LED lights that penetrate the body to various depths while relevant sound frequencies are transmitted to effected areas.


Science has proven that relevant sound frequencies trigger organ, bone and muscle tissue memory to ‘attune’ itself to its original, healthy resonance. The biological mechanism by which LED’s work is quite simple: the light waves release NO (nitrous oxide, a natural gas the body produces on its own) from stimulated areas in a cell's mitochondria. Once the NO has been released, oxygen is free to attach and provide its numerous benefits.


Application of inLight pads to the body is simple and soothing.  Pain is reduced, inflammation is reduced, circulation is increased and the improvement time of injuries in sped up.

Class 2 Medical Device - FDA Approved!

I am a Certified Inlight Therapist

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