Energetic Anatomy

All healing is first a healing of the Heart.


For every human being there is an energetic anatomy that helps animate, maintain, cleanse and energize the physical body. This energetic anatomy is similar to a physical body in that it too has differing components and layers. These components are subtle energy fields that work as an interface with the Universal energy and our body's energy.  The frequency of these anatomical components are invisible to the naked eye, but quite often can be seen with the spiritual inner eye. Some of these subtle anatomical components are: chakras, aura layers, the kundalini, meridians, tan diens and much more.


Energetic healing is the art of creating a harmonious balance between all the systems of the energetic anatomy which has the effects of improving and healing the physical self.  Total health can only be attained when the energetic and the physical are working synergistically together.


Love                 Compassion             Forgiveness                Gratitude 

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