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TimeWaver™ is a frequency gathering/generating technology that is used mainly to work in personal energy fields, though it is not limited to these.  It is made up of a small solid aluminum base, roughly 12"x12"x1.5" (30x30x4cm) which can gather both personal resonances or broadcast homepathic resonances by placing the sample on the appropriate pad.  The TimeWaver™ is connected to a dedicated computer onto which has been loaded the thousands of frequency databases against which it compares input resonance.


A personal (signature) resonance is collected and entered into the computer via samples sent through the mail or during an office visit.  Samples typically include hair, saliva, photos and handwriting samples, although they may not be limited to these in the future.  Along with the sample, the client must formulate a declaration of intent regarding the issue for which they are seeking help.  These are always framed in a proactive sentence that captures the intent and desire of the client.


The practitioner enters the client's information and then chooses applicable databases against which to compare the input resonance.  Some examples of the thousands of databases are meridians, organs, behavorial markers, anatomy, epigenetic markers etc.  The computer will return data that specifies the degree of relevence and resonance.  The closer the match to 100% the higher the present accuracy of acceptance.


Appropriate frequenices are selected, compiled and the periodicity set (how long/how often).  These are saved to the client's folder, and TimeWaver™  keys the data to the stored signature resonance at the appropriate intervals.

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